love, care and need them.xoxo

my beloved parents
Abah and emak are very supportive and sporting parents.Very gratefull i have them  in my life.

My siblings
They are crazy , annoying ,cute ,sweet and my love.:)

Family come first no matter what
I love and care about them
They are my soul and my spirit to live
They are everything
My dad, Mohd Idris b.Simon are coolest and supportive dad. 
My mother, Sharom Binti Othman, the most caring and nice person been born in this world.
I have 5 siblings. First is NoorFadhilah works in banking sector and part time student in UiTM also. My second sister is NoorAmanina studies at UiTM in Finance. I'm the third and u all know my story. The forth is my one and only brother, Mohd Asyraff student and our beloved brother ever. Lastly is NoorIzzati or known as amoi is my family. She is super talk active in the house.
This is my family. They are my Angels and also deadly Evil for sometimes.

Love my family with my hold heart.
My love is Joy to love my family
Family is sad and happy and love.
Family is fun and painful and pretty.
My family is like all families we have
love and we have happiness and tears
I love my hold family
My family is like angels who fly in sky
I am grateful that I have family that loves
My family are kind and nice and fun to be
My family is painful like all familys are and
heart breaking and Evil sometimes
My family is heart breaking and deadly like
everyone else
Hey I can't stop loving my family not matter what
it coats in the family.
Way my family is just makes me want have family 
with someone be as good as they are.
But God know I love my family
and our love is great to have in life
and even know they leave he world they still

a live in my hearts. 

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